Tin Ceiling Tiles + Plexi = Backsplash Art

Tin ceiling panels / tiles are one of my favourite elements in century homes. I die when they are used for a backsplash material. In our very first house, 15 years ago,  I used a wallpaper that looked like tin tile as a backsplash above the existing single row of tile ( I even "rub n' buffed" it so that it had a vintage patina, remember that stuff?!) until I could install the real thing... You know what? It wasn't terrible!

The problem with using this vintage gorgeousness, or anything with a texture for that matter, as a backsplash is that they are not so fun to clean. I'm not sure about you, but I am a bit of a countertop/backsplash germaphobe, both get wiped down thoroughly after cooking.

This is why this photo caught my eye on Pinterest this morning - painted tin tile presented in a grid pattern to the ceiling for a very cool modern take, and the best best part - it's had a layer of plexi or glass layered in front, so that it is completely protected!! Genius. this would take seconds to clean, and having that layer almost gives it art feel, no? It's like we've framed out these beautiful tiles and placed them there for display. I'm in love. In love.

Hope you are having a wonderful day, friends! x am

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