10 Minute Large Canvas Art DIY

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend :)  Hockey madness has begun here - with two kids playing and a third swimming competitively, we are officially outgunned, lol.

What about that title? Sounds impossible, right? Well, what if you thought of your art as a place to simply add a bold splash of colour, and painted out a huge canvas in a solid shade? That's exactly what this is - a canvas painted out black, as found on Rue. It becomes part of the composition, grounds the whole wall, and functions as decor. Almost like colour-blocking a wall, but so much less permanent, and really, you could change this with the seasons if you wanted - a deep merlot for winter, a beautiful azure for summer, etc...

Thats about as much time as I have to make art these days! You? Thoughts?

x am

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