Outlining walls in contrasting color….

So just saw this wall treatment pop up again in this spectacular space
and would like to hear what everyone is thinking about it….

Outlining the planes of the wall gives a very different feel to this pale slate, doesn't it?
Without that sharp black contrast these walls would feel airy,
but with the the detail it becomes almost jewelbox-like (for today let's pretend that's a word!!)…
as if to frame the space within those lines, and each section is it's own composition.

another angle…

Yes, it's a bedroom, surprised me too!

By contrast, look a the living space:
 same aesthetic, similar palette (albeit paler, greyer walls).
 No outline of architectural planes - perhaps because of the decorative molding here?

Definitely a different feel, right?
The walls fall into the background, and the grouping must be stronger to appear cohesive.
What do you think? Something you would try?
Would it aid in unifying a disparate grouping of "objets" and art?

And just a side note here - not sure I could live with this many layers, but it is a very personalized, interesting space. I mean, a peacock? That's ballsy.

x am

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