yea or nay: the orange movement

Orange. No other colour does happy so well. Yellow likes shout and be the centre of attention, and pink always want to bring love into it, but only orange is happy for the sake of being happy.

For many years, orange was my favourite hue. I once had a bedroom with walls the colour of tang :)  It was the most wonderful room to wake up in. In our last home, every room had at least a splash of it - even my kitchen chairs were orange!

Pantone has chosen Tangerine Tango as their colour of the year, and while I don't agree with people using a colour just for the sake of being trendy (covered that in last years post about the colour of the year) , this warm orange is quite fitting for the times.

Tangerine Tango skews toward red, and all that warmth is as enveloping as red, but without any aggression. While people around the globe are trying to put their lives back together after a tumultuous few years, we could all use a little extra warmth and happiness, right?

 I have always liked orange best when it was clean, perhaps containing a bit more white, or flirting with yellow, rather than red...

but right now, the softer side of orange is on my radar.... (that's thursdays post :)

What do you think? Is there a place in your home for these exuberant orange hues?

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