peach & the return of pastels

Packing up for a rare girls weekend away (first time using that Missoni luggage!), nothing like skiing and celebrating with old fiends, is there? I hope you all have a wonderful few days.. and here's a little pretty for you... x

We couldn't talk about orange without moving on to peach, could we? I think pastels are poised for a major comeback (but that's another post:) as we move toward blonde/greyed/limed wood tones. Defining peach is difficult - ask a thousand people to show you the colour peach, and you'll receive a thousand different colours.
But somewhere between orange and white, pink and yellow, lies your perfect peach.

We tend to think as peach a a very soft, airy hue - but as shown on these walls, an entire room of saturated peach can be fairly intense - you really have to love it! If you are going this route, an accent wall or half walls may be the best option.  (that bottom room may actually be pink, I'm realizing now, but with the lighting it appears more yellow, so I'm leaving it in, lol)

The more white you add, the more subtle the glow... a very pale peach almost reads as a neutral here.
Below, this is saturated colour well-done - painting a partial wall allows the ceiling to open up for some visual relief.

Placing any peach tone against blue-greens creates a dynamic, complementary scheme.

Here, hits of peach work well with warm-toned neutrals.

If you don't want to make a huge commitment, add just a few pieces....

When you are working with pastels, the concern is that they can look sweet very quickly, and the easiest way to keep your space looking sophisticated is to ground them with greys and blacks. 
(I discussed this in my post on mint green and black as well)
The last room, above, accomplishes this, and the last room, below, is my all-time favourite peach look.

Très chic, non? What's your take on peach?

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