yay or nay: deconstructed seating

Hello lovelies! A huge mwah to all the amazing women who shared their colour crushes the past two weeks - I loved seeing what inspired each of you. Thank you so much for filling10 Rooms with beauty in my absence.

We generally don't take too many photos on vacation, but I did manage a few good ones - will share in a few days. The highlight of the trip was our time in St Thomas - it's our second time there and it may just be my favourite place on earth.

I'm not sure if everyone experiences this, but getting away from our everyday life allows me to come back and look at everything with fresh eyes. We were living in a much smaller space while we were away, with so few "things" around us, and coming home and seeing all this excess makes me realize we need to simplify here. Since the kids have nixed moving again (hunger strikes were threatened at the very mention, lol!), I guess that means doing some serious spring cleaning. Time to clean out the house, again :) Where does it all come from?!!

So thinking about re-purposing and up cycling have produced this post - I am interested in your take on the deconstructed furniture trend that keeps popping up...

first saw this from Dan Marty via House Beautiful in May 2010. He said he felt the backs of his dining chairs were too pretty to cover up - note the armchair in the foreground - it's upholstery is missing a few elements as well.

I'm sure that you've seen Restoration Hardware's take on the look in their spring collection....

I didn't think this look would really catch on as a trend, but I keep bumping into it everywhere....

So what do you think? Ready to undress your furniture?!!

photo links:  chair  striped setees  flag chair  office  linen chair 

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