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So happy to have Lisa of Lisa Roy {A Designer Obsessed with pretty things, beautiful spaces, interesting places and...handbags!} here today posting about her colour crush for the Crushing on Colour series. Lisa has lived all over the world (she resides in Dubai currently), but her style remains true - fresh, with a light, easygoing vacation vibe that just makes you want to kick back and relax.

a designer obsessed with pretty things, beautiful spaces, interesting places and...handbags!

Hello to all of you lovely 10 Rooms readers!
I'm Lisa from Lisa Roy {a designer obsessed with pretty things, beautiful spaces, interesting places and...handbags!}
I'm thrilled to be invited to take part in Anne-Marie's amazing series Crushing on Colour! 
Today is all about my colour crush:

Aqua is one of those colours that just evokes feelings of calm, that gorgeous watery hue that makes you 
just sigh a big relaxing sigh. 
So it's no wonder that aqua has been playing a huge role in bathrooms...

but it is also a perfect way to add a casual seaside feel to a home...

Looking for something as little less casual? Aqua can work in a more sophisticated space as well...

Maybe you don't want to commit to a wall colour but would rather bring in some accessories?

Or you're looking for a fresh new colour for the exterior of your home...

Aqua is a soft, refreshing colour that pairs so well with others like celadon, orange, brown, pink, all the blues and raspberry, to name a few. Whether you choose it in a wall colour, for accessories, or for a piece in your wardrobe, it's sure to make you think you're living by the sea, even if you live in the city.
As for me, I'd love to be scootin' to a seaside cafe on one of these...

So, have you embraced the freshness of aqua?
Thanks Anne-Marie for inviting me to talk about my favourite colour crush!


Thank you, Lisa, for that take-me-away moment! Such a beautiful, escapist colour - like a tonic for the soul. We have this in our home gym and in Coco's room, and there is no other colour that feels so refreshing. Would be quite happy in any of the spaces you've featured :) x Anne-Marie

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