yay or nay: mixing metals

With gold back, and black always en vogue,
it's becoming more and more common to see a mix of metals in interiors.

(apologizing now for the irregular sizing ahead, but I really wanted you to be able to see the details, 
and they were all strangely sized today!)

Kitchens, in particular, are veering away from all stainless.
I know I'm feeling tired of it - you?

both of these dining room have got a splash of gold warming up these grey metals.

Black, white, and gold - need I say more.....

but wait, maybe black, white, gold AND silver?!!

here gold and grey tones form the basis for the palette....

and several layers of metals are seamlessly incorporated into this space.

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I'm wondering if this is more common because
 people are slowly switching over from cool to warm metals,
 they are just adding hits around the home (as an easily removed trendy item),
or it's just become more modern to mix finishes, just like we do furnishings.

what do you think -
is mixing metals something you do in your own home?
Is it a look that's here to stay?

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