changes at headquarters

so we've been working double overtime round here...

during the holidays I looked at those dreary grey walls and decided enough was enough.

Down came the art, 
out came the plaster,
and with it promise of a clean slate.

There's nothing quite like rolling on that first coat of primer, is there?
That cinderblock grey ran through our entry, the halls on each floor, the kitchen, dining room and family room.
Just a wee bit of painting!

Along with the walls, the dining room and living room are getting the attention they deserve...
I've embraced the hue of the Love Chairs (as the darlings have named them), and here's a hint at the direction we're headed...

1 2 3 4 5 6 

It's been years since I've truly embraced such pure, saturated colour into our home,
and the energy that it brings is incredible!

The posts may be a bit sporadic as I endeavour to get the painting finished...
wouldn't life be easier if I could be satisfied with someone else's painting skills?

Just can't do drips, darlings...


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