an anniversary and a weekend wish...

It's been a bit mushy around here this week!

We've celebrated our wedding anniversary.
Twelve years since we snuck off to the bahamas and made our vows.
And it's gotten better each year, truly.
Love you, hon.

D. surprised me with an Aritzia sweater and Fossil watch I didn't even know he knew I wanted,
that clever man,
AND a huge stash of sugar-free dark chocolate - 
**confession time** 
I keep a desk drawer just for goodies!

Does anyone else have a candy stash??

Since we married on his birthday (LONG story),
 he got his long-awaited projector from the darlings and I.
Truthfully, it's a bit of a sneaky present, 
since I am as excited to remove the current giant black box from our family room
 as he is to watch 10 foot hi-def car chases!

Hope your weekend finds you with the ones you love - x

you have to stop by on Monday - we've got a really, really gorgeous bit of eye candy coming from the latest crushing on color guest poster... it's fallicious!


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