Shopping: The Furbish Mix

Was cruising around my saved links recently and popped by Furbish.
(the store of the I Suwannee blog)

I'm loving so many of these bits and pieces that I felt like a post was in order.

First off, I've been searching for the perfect fabric
 to have my chippendale sofa re-upholstered in since the spring.

Then I saw this image.

And I fell in love.

(A note to Jamie revealed that this spotted fabric is indeed available for purchase,
however my upholsterer wants an outrageous cutting fee so we're still negotiating that one!)

But aren't you just dying over the mix of colour and pattern here?
This woman has a seriously good eye for the mix.

Want to see a bit more?
Of course you do - who wouldn't?!!

That's exactly the mix I'm craving these days -
clean lines and black and white balanced against a dose of color, wild pattern, organic pieces.

Are you feeling this one?

As for that sad chippendale sofa in my office...
with all this pricing drama,
I'm almost considering tackling the re-upholstery myself.

BUT... I've not done upholstery before, and am a little intimidated!

Know of any good tutorials out there?

On the other hand...
I've just noticed that the Furbish one is up for sale, and it's quite reasonably priced....


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