does bird art feel modern?

Birds have become such a popular motif the last years.
I am seeing them in prints in in almost every clients home I enter.
I don't generally buy art or advise clients to buy art based on trends.
Buy what you love, 
invest in better pieces, 
and you will build an interesting, cohesive collection.

Sometimes bird prints verge on "cute",
which doesn't appeal to me much.
But these large works,
with their dramatic scale,
feel modern.

grounding a casual grouping..

John Derian uses a graphic pen and ink pair in his Provincetown home.

 is a great source for prints like these beauties.

My dream piece -
 the off-kilter arrangement lends even more emphasis to this 
spectacular painting by Katie Van Horne.

Some beautiful smaller options..

  1 2 3 4 

Really great use of negative space,
in the paintings themselves and the arrangement.

What do you think of these?

Are you tired of birds?
Or do you see them as timeless?

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