Art Love: Lauren Mabry, Abstract Ceramic Artist

Well, well well. It's been far too long, my friends.

Almost three years ago I accepted a part-time position in the travel industry, a very long and involved story. It was not the best time, I was quite busy with clients, but such a great opportunity I accepted, thinking I could "do it all" - why do we do this to ourselves?! It became much more than part-time, and really began to take over the part of my life that allowed me to blog and pursue my true passion, which is design and colour. That incredibly hectic lifestyle also led to a move and several other life changes.

So. Although this family loves the benefits of highly affordable travel, a decision was made this summer to drastically scale that back in order to get back to my true love, which is this!

Hope you will all join me as I venture back into the blogosphere… there have been so many luscious things happening, and I have a backlog of about a million interesting bits bookmarked for blog posts!

The first of which is the work of Lauren Mabry. A combination of abstract paintwork and ceramic, Lauren has taken the humble cylinder and wall plaque to another level. Top of the wish list, friends!

Rather beautiful, aren't' they? I love the originality here. Nothing got under my skin more as an art student than a professor insisting on doing things the "correct" way. Art is about taking a medium and making, about putting a little bit of your soul into something. When artists throw out the rulebook they share gorgeousness like this with the rest of us…

Now just need to work out how to add an installation like above into the budget, lol!

Best, Anne-Marie

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