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Oh, how it pains me to write this post. I've seen this going around pinterest the last little bit, but was ignoring it, because I didn't want my blissful pinterest addiction to come to a halt. Have you read the article this links to? It makes you take a closer look at the policies we all skimmed over in 2.3 seconds flat while gleefully rubbing our hands together that we were onboard this amazing site, with it's plethora of jaw-dropping images, and links to everything that we need to know about RIGHT THIS SECOND :)

Here are the highlights of the article....

Point of contention No. 1 -  Pinterest reserves the right to use every image we upload of our own in ANY WAY they please. That once we upload an image, it becomes their property. Not cool.

Point of contention No. 2 - We, the users, are legally responsible should someone sue interest over their images being used without their permission. That means while we may be pinning things to try and give an artist/blogger/designer exposure, or at the very least, appreciation - if they decide we have violated their rights by pinning the image WE, not pinterest are liable for damages.

I'm very sad to say that if the pinterest-powers-that-be don't re-think this, I will be one of the deserters - no amount of eye candy is worth being sued over. That's a bit of a bummer, because after pinterest I don't know if I can go back to google images, sorting throughout three thousand crappola photos trying to find just one that is blog-worthy.... for example, a wallpaper search on both....

Anyhow, some food for thought, right?  Thought you may want to check it out, lovelies...

As of Wednesday morning I will be enroute to the sunshine, and I have a couple of posts for you, and then the sweetest six bloggers are going to be visiting here, with six Crushing on Colour posts - hope you'll come by and leave them a comment - because their posts are bee-utiful.... have a fabulous few weeks, catch you all on the flip side... xo

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