I need your help...

Okay, you know how it's always harder to make design decisions for yourself than for everyone else?

I've just been standing over this beauty....

my future dining room chandy,
with two cans of spray paint.

One is black, and one is "Chinese Laquer" Red.

With a teak table, chairs upholstered in black,
white walls, with black & white art and bits of colour,
and a sisal painted out with red, white, black and magenta...
which one will work?

The black is classic, and will continue on the black lighting we have throughout the rest of our home...
but in red?

In red she'll be the party girl, dancing around over the table.

Hmm... maybe I've just answered that one for myself....

Thoughts, please!!


it's red.

20 minutes after I posted I picked up the red laquer and went to town.
The difference was incredible -
like slicking on a coat of fabulous red lipstick....

I'll be showing pics shortly, once the chairs are completely finished
(a very cool diy I'm working on this weekend)
and I've painted the carpet.

Thank you to those who stuck up for black, though -
for a minute there I thought it was going to be a bit of a wash,
and black really deserves better than that!
I've been challenging myself to up the colour quotient of this place...
sometimes when you work with colour all day you just want to come home to quiet,
but it's become a bit bland around here.

Thanks for all the votes, lovelies!
Happy weekend... x

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