it's glitteriffic...

This year I'm all about sparkle...
and the way to my heart is through glitter!
(I've even glittered up the blog header, it's a madness)

Since I've bought about ten kinds of glitter at the craft stores recently,
 and went looking for some clever ways to use it.

So here's a collection of amazing glitteriffic holiday DIY's....

first off, just in case you want to go organic, glitter made from salt.
Not sure how this would do when mixed with liquids, but maybe spray adhesive?

How about skipping the tired old bows and wrapping your presents up 

Serve champange in these sparkly flutes (wouldn't they be cute done up with 2012 for New Years?)
pack some pretty flatware for a winter picnic,
or elevate cupcakes to new heights with this charming, simple DIY cake stand.

Add bits of shimmering art, hang some chichi lanterns (you can also buy them, here),
add a scalloped border (these are from Etsy, but so cute - why make them?) 
or some sparkly love to your mantle...

Glitter in pinks, 
glitter in blues,
glitter on fingers, bags and shoes....

Small hits of glitter might just make me happy every day of the year.
how about magnets or tacks at your desk, or a

Who's going to the store to buy glitter?!!!

If you are, a little tip I picked up along the way...
to prevent glitter from getting EVERYWHERE (unless you want it that way, in which case, go crazy :)
mix the glitter with the glue/paint/etc PRiOR to adhering it to whatever surface your shushing up -
 a LOT less messy and it stays put after.

Happy last day of November, darlings - x

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