the easiest diy art....

I promised you a post about the DIY art we made for Natasha's room,
and here it is :)

This is so incredibly simple, and you can customize it to any color scheme.

two canvasses (dollar store)
 neon paint (dollar store)
leftover paint from around the house
low-tack tape
ruler, black sharpie

The fast one:

First I taped off the triangle piece....
paint and remove tape....

after an hour these shapes were dry enough to repeat the process with the next layer.

Done :)

Told you it was simple, lol!

There are two really important steps to ensure crisp paint lines:
be SURE your tape is adhered well before painting to prevent bleeding, 
and remove the tape right after painting, to avoid pulling off half-dried paint later.

Second painting took a bit longer, because there is more detail and more layering...

First tape off the stripes that you want across the front,
then tape off the back layer.

Paint the back stripes, skipping some.
Remove tape and let dry.
Re-tape additional back stripes, and remove tape.

Now, if you are painting a color on the front stripes,
 wait til all the stripes dry,
then tape the front ones off  (tape on the outside of the stripe) and paint.

(sorry about the color of the pics, it was late afternoon when I started and dark when I finished!)

This is where I cheated a little!
I wasn't particularly careful with my taping and the edges were pretty rough, 
but I knew that I was going to do this last step, and they wouldn't show.
I was painting the top layer black, so I just filled in the centre of the stripes and let it all dry together.
Once it dried, I got out a sharpie and a ruler, 
and edged all my black portions and in between the colors.
(not that I'm OCD, but imperfect edges bug me...
but I'm really not type a.... well, maybe just a little!)

I added a few extra stripes in here as well...

Then we hung them, and added a quick little "take a smile" bit in between...
this is a joke between Tash and I, we're always trying to get each other to smile.

 If you'd like one just print this off..

That's it!

Kinda makes you want to try one, right?
If you do, please send me pics and I'll post them ...

We have back-to-back thanksgiving dinners this saturday and sunday -
and they're both at our house!!
21 on saturday, 17 on sunday...
needless to say I won't be blogging :)

See you monday!

Hope you all get to spend the weekend with the people you love - x

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