Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Tonight should be a breeze after the party we had this weekend!

25 12-years olds, some spooky decor, heaps of junk food and really LOUD music
all morphed into some unforgettable memories....

Bones kept bar..

and watched out over the action...

empty wine bottles filled with coloured water and re-labelled upped the creepy factor...

even water became arsenic :)

the gallery wall beyond...

The food table -
a folding table, with a piece of wood placed behind, 
the whole shebang covered with dollar-store tablecloths and destroyed old cheesecloth.
Added some string lights and strobe lights for twinkle, black lights for effect.

Pickles became ogre fingers,
spider dogs became baby arachnids.
The tray was heaped with pizza later..

Chips served up in cauldrons.... such a healthy menu!!

We had a guest with life-threatening nut allergies
and so have been nut-free for a month..
but I was still relieved when they all went home safely.

First guests arriving, checking out their "fortunes"
(we did up a basket of spooky ones)...

On the floor you can see a few of the balloons -
this was the greatest idea, and so simple -
we placed glow bracelets inside 30 white balloons and they floated around the floor all night, luminous.

That was the last moment of calm,
from here on in it was all shrieks and giggles...

Miss N was Katy Perry, and in true form she danced the night away :)

Hope you all have a happy halloween,
we'll be walking the 'hood,
spiced apple cider in hand....

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