end-of-summer spectacular

So as summer rounds the bend,
I'm savouring the last moments of lounging with the family.

If there was anywhere I'd choose to be staying this week, it would be this space,
found a la The Diversion Project.

Some homes are about the decoration, and some homes are about the architecture.
This one is architecture, and it's wonderful to see it left at that, with the unobtrusive decor.

The open loft-feel, large expanses of glass and heavily horizontal planes
 remind me of the stunning modular Dwell homes that I dream of building when we are retired :)

How cool is the kitchen window?
And that island, with it's concrete base and steel top.

Dreamy dreamspace.
I love the way the reclaimed timbers were brought all the way to the ceiling, for a wrap effect. 
And staying in the second bedroom would be sleeping in a treehouse, no?

This is the killer bit - the pool.
The sparkling azure tile beckons,
and I think we all deserve an afternoon in that hammock, don't we?!
And this slice of bliss is built into the structure, at most separated by a pane of glass.

How's that for an end-of-summer paradise?

I'll be back to more regular blogging next week, once the darlings are back to school,
so looking forward to catching up with all of you in the next few weeks :)
(and getting our projects around here back on track!)

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