I want to be a Novogratz

As a Mum, and a business owner,
I am always amazed at the amazing Novogratz family.

They have seven kids. SEVEN. That's pure bravery!
I have three, and anyone who has little ones knows how much work and joy each one brings into your life...
but as the youngest of five children, I loved my own childhood, and bet their guys do, as well.

They work together every day. Work and live together.
That requires some pretty incredible teamwork.

Their excellent sense of style is never fails to inspire.
(from the Sixx design website)

So I've just found their new website, and I think you may like it, as well..

it features the work they're doing on the new show, 9 by Design....
check out this video to hear about their unique design philosophy.

One of the things I love about this duo is that their desire to make design accessible to everytone. 
That means sharing their sources, which some designers will not do.
There's even a list on the site of some of their favourites.

I also discovered that they've created a line of paint, with Stark,
and it is packed with utterly fabulous hues -

and it will be available in Canada! Woohoo!

speaking of paint, today I'm beginning the job of re-painting Tash's room
you remember, the BLACK one...
yep, apparently, in just one week it will be white.

I'll be sure to let you know which primer does the job best :)

before I go, a big, big, big thank you to all of YOU  for making my day
 with 27 (!!!) wonderful thoughtful, positively sweet comments about my desk redo -
what a perfect way to start the week :)

hope you're having as good a monday as I am - x

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