yay or nay: turtle shells

I love Bunny Williams.

Like, L O V E.
She's up there with Murial Brandolini, Kelly Wearstler and Suzanne Dimma...

 This one vignette from her Dominican Republic home haunts me...

Now that's a beach house!

I want those leopard chairs.
I love the size and presence of the mirror, 
perfectly juxtaposed with the delicate side chair.

but most of all, it's that giant turtle shell I think about...

tortoiseshell is one of my all-time faves for fashion
(this springs latest sunglasses and watch purchase speak for themselves, and I'm eyeing that bracelet..)

but while I appreciate the patina and sculptural beauty of actual shells -
 do they veer too closely to the creepy world of taxidermy?

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What do you all think?

yay or nay?

(and ps. if you are a yay, you can buy one here or here)

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