The Sofa: Decked Out

We've just sold our teak dining set and loungers
and replaced them with some cast aluminum and marble pieces.
 (incredibly heavy! 
I kept reminding D. they would never blow over
 as he and three other guys huffed and puffed them home :)

I'd show you pics but they are still boxed and living in the garage
  as we are planning a deck overhaul this year...
show you once it's done!

Teak used to be what you bought if your wanted decent quality outdoor furniture, 
but I'm not a fan of the weathered grey look and oiling them twice a year was becoming tedious...
The new stuff was an incredible deal at Costco, zero maintenance and ultra comfortable.
But if money was no object I may have done a little more shopping around.

I'm blown away by what can live outdoors these days...

West Elm does such a great job of merchandising - 
these pics leave me longing....

What I am seeing more and more is a trend towards full scale sofas outdoors....
this almost looks like something you would find in a living room..

This year's clever Catalina series from Carte and Barrel is slipcovered!
Fantastic idea, no?

Never one to be outdone, Restoration Hardware has created a slipcovered, outdoor version
 of their current signature style seating to the outdoors, as well.
I know that between the gangs of popsicle toting scoundrels and muddy pups that roam our yard 
I'd be cleaning these covers a little too often here,
but a girl can dream :)

What are you lounging on this summer?

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