Crushing On Color: Carissa from The Fabulous Design File

Crushing on Color is a guest blogger series where those with fabulous style
 reveal their favourite color to us.

The original series of posts ran when I was on vacation this spring,
and since you all loved them so much, I thought it should become a regular feature on the blog.

Carissa, of The Fabulous Design File, definitely has fabulous style!

I met her this past winter through the Great Clean Out
and greatly admire this ladies DIY prowress - 

check out her posts about painting this rug, making this light,
or my favourite, her witty take on subway art... 

amazing right?!! 

Without further ado: Carissa.

When Anne-Marie asked me to contribute to this series
 I emailed her back to see if ‘black & white’ counted because that’s my latest obsession.

  Then I thought about it a bit more, 
and decided to devote this post to my all-time favourite color crush... 


It’s been my favourite color for as long as I can remember even having a favourite color!

I admire iconic designer David Hicks’ take on red... 

“ All reds go together , and I include both pink and orange in the red family." 

Look at these red Hicks rooms... aren't they amazing???

Admittedly, not everyone can live with an all-out red room,
 but there is something to be said for a touch of red
 to inject a bit of energy, drama, and excitement to the...


living room:

dining room:


powder room:



And of course... you can’t go wrong with red here:

Images via 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Is anyone else crushing on red lately?

Thanks Anne-Marie for letting me share my color crush today!

Thanks Carissa! Loved the post!  
Red has the most power of any, and it's not for the timid,
but used well, the energy and vitality red brings to a space can't be matched...
and scarlett lips are every woman's secret weapon, yes?

Looking forward to seeing how your family room turns out!

Keep watching for the next Crushing on Color post, 
you never know who'll turn up 'round here :)

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