SCOOP! Sarah Richardson's New Project

Not sure if you've seen this yet..
found it last week, and tweeted, but was too busy dreaming of Palm Beach to post it then ;)

A sneak peek of Sarah Richardson's new project,
out in Georgetown, On... my hometown!
So funny, this is a new development, 
and we actually looked at buying a home on this street before relocating to Barrie.
(they were much more affordable then - 
although I suppose that Sarah touch is adding quite a lot of finishing value!)

I wonder if all the furniture is included..

Classic white kitchen. Note the detail on the glass doors and that gorgeous pendant over the island.

The living room is a bit drab for Sarah.
I would have loved to have seen some dramatic art or colorful flowers,
at the least.
The dining room does have an interesting wall treatment - grasscloth?
and I see a touch of blue (cool grey?) upholstery over there..

This room has much more interest - and color!
What a different feel.
I really like the pattern mix here, between carpet and textiles.
It's super-family friendly,
with a round-edged coffee table that can take some hard knocks and 
sturdy, stain-hiding upholstery.

This is beautiful.
What is better than sparkling white and carrera in the bathroom?
Those mirrors over the vanity have such a great shape,
don't they?

No pictures of the other rooms, but there is descriptions..
follow that link above to read them..

before I go, just wanted to say thank you for your really kind-hearted comments this morning.
I didn't plan to blog about it,
and it was just so lovely of you all to support me like that - thank you so much - x

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