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Hi friends!  It's Abby from A Delightful Design.  
I'm a huge fan of Anne-Marie and so excited to be here!

Beyond any other color, I am the most drawn to blue.

Patricia Larson via Elle Decor

It could be because I grew up with Lake Huron as my back yard.
I truly believe that what you're surrounded with
 as a child has an effect you--
even color.

Blue looks amazing with every color.  It can calm and it can energize.

odi et amo

I have yet to meet a blue wallpaper I didn't love.

san marco wallpaper

More blue prettiness.  
Although I can't decide if it's the blue and pink combination
or the light fixture I'm drawn to.  

Civilty Designs

Four years ago I painted our living room Boca Raton Blue by Benjamine Moore.

 It was a crazy time in our life.

 Afterwards, someone mentioned that blue is the color of the throat chakra
 I know nothing about chakras but found it interesting that this color
all relates to how we express ourselves with our voice.

Even years later this is my favorite room.

Doesn't it look fabulous with orange?!

Tobi Fairley

My next step? 
 Going glossy with blue.  
We are moving in the next couple months and I'm dying to try this.

I hope you enjoyed these little pieces of me and my passion for blue!


Thank you, Abby!

I feel lucky to have found your wonderful blog - you are a talented designer with fabulous taste..
but more than that I feel lucky to count you as a friend.

Your home really reflects your attitudes,
it's classic, but never stuffy,
polished but not overdone.

I love your living room, and can't wait to see the glossy new version 
in your soon-to-be-found-perfect-home :)

Head over to A Delightful Design to follow Abby's adventures in decorating...

Thursday's post is another bit of pretty in the Crushing on Color series-
and you will love the spectacular images...gorgeous!

x am

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