Palm Beach Week: Lilly Pulitzer Love

Some people are one-of-a-kind.
They have that certain joie de vivre that inspires the rest of us.

Lilly Pulitzer is that kind of woman.

A New York native living in Palm Beach with her husband,
Lilly ran a juice stand at their orchards.
After creating some gloriously colored shifts that camouflage the inevitable splatters,
customers were so enamoured she had her dressmaker create extra
"Lillys" to sell at the store.

Later divorced and remarried, 
Lilly Rousseau continued operate her company under the Lilly Pulitzer name.
Her shifts were worn by everyone, 
including dear friend and First Lady Jackie Kennedy and her daughter Caroline.

In 1984 Lilly retired and closed down her clothing line,
but in 1993 it was revived and the Lilly Pulitzer empire now includes
homegoods, shoes, jewelry and mens clothing.

I've read and re-read her Guides to Colorful Entertaining and Colorful Holidays.
what comes across so clearly is how bright Lilly's spirit is.
As her son Peter says,
"mom has an amazing zest for life.
It's like a big hug."
Not one to get hung up on details,
 it's Lilly's "who gives a fig"attitude and her incredible hospitality
that has made every day a party, literally.
If you haven't read these books, go get them!

Her Palm Beach Store is the epitome of Lilly,
who said long ago that she had an aversion to
"people who didn't respond to her humor".
(Jay Mulvaney, Colorful Holidays)

Lilly Stills lives in Palm Beach, in her "jungle".
(although it has recently been listed for sale)

I love her.

Pop by tomorrow for Celerie Kemble gorgeousness,
another Palm Beach girl.

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