Day 2 with Photographer Anitta Behrendt

Yesterday I explored the adorable children's spaces in Anitta Berhendt's portfolio,
so how about a few adult ones?

Recipe for fun ahead..

A medley of traditional tapestries fabric looks modern 
applied in a patchwork style and mixed with rainbow atomic hooks.

One oversize raspberry pendant defines an entire space.

Wild walls are a punctuation point to plain jane black leather and a simplistic boomerang table.
Monkeys for art? Why not?  :)

Stacking a large industrial cabinet over a smaller crate creates a banquette with style.
Think this would have to be anchored to the wall, tho!
Not many people would use wall pockets and magnetic boards over a sofa,
but it works with this playful style.

The palest of grey-blue walls offers a subdued backdrop with more interest than white.
Love the little vignettes created here -
a dining nook, a quiet corner for reading, and at the other end of the room -
the perfect conversation set-up!
The high table is the right size and height to serve food and drinks, but the seating is all about comfort.
I love this idea, a spot like this may even lure guests out of the kitchen!

Finally, fully saturated clean color paired with plenty of white and black.
The garden "theme" here is a bit cutesy for my taste but I do
appreciate the fearlessness of this design -
not suffering beige-itis, is it?!

Whether you like these spaces or not, 
I think we can all appreciate the way that these homeowners 
personalized their homes,
They weren't bound by rules, what should be done,
they just went ahead and made them their own.

That's what it's all about, isn't it?

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