Telling a Cutlery Story..

I know I have a problem with Anthropologie.

The reason I love this store so
is because they aren't selling trends as much as

When I was young and broke and a hopeless optimist 
I had many friends and often threw informal, spur-of-the-moment soirees.
I had the style of a gypsy and everything was colorful and mismatched,
but somehow it all worked anyhow.

Cutlery was no exception.
The patina of old silver is too beautiful to resist and 
quite a collection of flea market bundles found their way home..
Meaning no two were the same :)

A roommate inherited this when I went adventuring 
but every so often when setting the table I find myself wishing for those odd forks and spoons..

so am delighted to see this over at Anthropologie:

"antique and vintage delightfully mismatched sets of five"
"each place setting is completely unique"

see? They GET it.

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