Yea or Nay: A Nutcracker Army

Taking the girls to The Nutcracker ballet this weekend - 
have you ever seen it?


The girls and I attend each year, carrying on the tradition D. and I started when we began dating.
The boys come down to the city with us, and go to a hockey game :) to watch a different sort of dance.
My youngest, Coco, has begun a Nutcracker collection.
each year she manages to persuade me to buy her one during intermission.
You can see her tree here.

I have never bought a Nutcracker to put on display in the house, other than Coco's.


Would you place a large statue to stand guard at your front door?

tuck them amongst candy on the mantle..

or perhaps greenery?


Would you place these at your holiday table?

Or tuck treats into these boxes?
(these are witty, yes?)

Would a metallic nutcracker grace your buffet..

or your mantel?

Would you prefer the minimal West Elm take on tradition?

I'm quite sure Coco will be keeping her collection in her room, 
although we were out shopping the other day and she was lobbying hard for this enchanting fellow.

He stands at SIX FEET.

"Maybe next year, sweetie."

til next time..

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