Rosemary's Kitchen - Can a White Kitchen Be Warm?

My sister loves to cook.
We are half-Italian, half-British.
Rosemary got the Italian - she makes wonderful, savory meals out of nothing much at all.
I got the British- I love to bake goodies for tea :)

Rosemary moved into her home about ten years ago, and it had the original, 40-yr old kitchen.
Aside from changing out the knobs and a quick counter change she lived with it, waiting to remodel.
The time has come!
Really, this woman could be a chef, and spends her evenings and weekends exploring culinary delights.
  I am thrilled that she is going to have a better space to work in.

After talking to her earlier this week, we thought maybe I should head down to help her make 
a few picks on the finishes.
We are working with brand new white appliances, Rose doesn't like black or stainless.
She likes traditional. This would cause her to swoon!

Rose said she wanted a "cream" kitchen, then told me she is considering
having the cabinetry painted with BM Ivory White - 
which is going to look quite yellow against her appliances.

I don't particularly like that combination.
I would prefer either a grey-based white or something more saturated.
But Rosemary feels that white kitchens have a cold, sterile feeling 

Amazing White Kitchen Inspiration or Ideas.

and she wants a warm welcoming space.
So tomorrow I plan to show her the warm side of white.
Armed with oodles of examples, we are going to explore how a white kitchen
(with ceramic tile on the floor)
can actually feel cosy!

I'm also going to suggest that she brings in a little color - I know, you are surprised!

I would like to end up somewhere like this.. pushing the traditional aesthetic a bit..

but I think Rosemary will be happiest here, and this is the pic I'm showing her last!

I don't usually request before and after pics from clients, but  this one I will be able to share..
looking forward to spending a day with my sis, we don't get enough of those -
although two-hour phone marathons are quite common :)

Working on a color post to address one of my most commonly asked questions,
will try to get it up this weekend, along with pics of the living room!

Happy friday :)

til next time..

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