Weekend Color: How to Add Color to Your Bedroom in Thirty Seconds

Julie over at Belle Maison attended the opening of the new
Elie Tahari and Jonathon Adler Fashion Island Boutiques.

She took this picture:

I love it!

a reminder that our homes are a place where our spirits should soar, 
living amongst and relishing in our favourite hues..

and so, on that note I am inspired to create a new weekly post - weekend color..

This weekend - how to add color to your bedroom in thirty seconds - the throw.

Already have some color in your bedroom?
Choose a deeper/more intense shade of your existing color for your throw.
Mostly neutrals?
Pick your favourite shade and go for it - 
it will bring a smile to your face every time you enter your bedroom.

A few great finds yesterday at the home show - will share on Monday ..
Have a great weekend!

til next time..

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