The Imperfect Home

Last week I met with a friend for dinner.

She is trying to work through a hurdle in her marriage -
a husband who likes the house in perfect order.
(oh, how many times did I wish for that, LOL!!)
With two young children that's nearly impossible,
and although he is willing to do his share of the cleaning,
it's a constant battle between them.

Listening to her, I thought about how many times I have raced around the house,
 cleaning like a madwoman, because someone has called to say they are dropping by..
and I made a realization - it's never necessary.
Although I'm too much a type A to ever let my house get truly overwhelmed by clutter,
looking a thousands of perfectly styled rooms gives you a warped perspective on appearance.

Classic Style Loft In France

The people we love, and who love us, 
don't care how many newspapers are piled on the kitchen counter,
 and aren't bothered by the kids forts that appear daily in various rooms :)

I am always more intrigued by interiors that include the "stuff" the inhabitants live with.
These bits and bobs reveal the true nature of the home.

Click to view full size image
While I'll still drool over the sheer beauty of those perfect spaces,
 it's time to embrace our homes for what they are
- the places where our hearts and spirits rest.
Cheers to the imperfect home - the real home, our favourite place to be.

til next time..

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