Beautiful Storage! Bamboo Hive Cabinet from Etsy

Etsy is a treasure trove for accessories and apparel, 
but I never really think to look on there for furniture.

That really should change..
look at this Hive Cabinet from Wook Woodworking:

a little bit of sculpture for your space.. made of bamboo..

Bamboo Hive CabinetBamboo Hive Cabinet

the backs of the cubbies are finished with a color called "Tequila Lime" -
who could resist that?!!

This husband and wife team, Alexandra Snook and Edward Way,
 will customize this to any size, finish you prefer..

a wall of these would fantastic in a dining room in lieu of a china cabinet..
they'd be wonderful beside a fireplace, wood and books tucked in..
a smaller configuration would work for really interesting bedside tables..

I'd love to see them built around the flat screen in a family room, hint hint!

Think I may spend some time exploring the furniture side of Etsy..

hope you guys are having a great weekend - 
BBQ no. 2 for us today.. I love summer!

til next time..

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